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Role play– an immersive and interactive activity for children to develop their understanding of the world in which they live, relive experiences through their play and learn to extend on these.


Literacy, Mark Making and Writing– we ensure there are plenty of opportunities to practice these skills in play, for example, using twigs in salt, copying their names from their name stones and getting creative with pens, pencils and chalks both inside and outside. Clip boards and pens are always available in the role play area for when inspiration strikes!


Reading – sharing is at the core of our reading sessions and we aim to capture the childrens’ imaginations through stories. We encourage them to share story sacks and engage in group story sharing sessions and small, animated group discussions on the book’s structures and characters.


Music, Singing and Dancing– we pop on some tunes and let the children leap about together, or inspire them to make their own music, by encouraging group nursery rhyme singing and playing with musical instruments.


Maths- to spur the children on to love their numbers, we use a variety of fun games to practice counting and recognise numbers. Together we explore shapes and their properties and then apply this knowledge and these skills to build interesting structures.


Investigation and imagination– we know children have a knack for getting messy, so we encourage them to harbour this skill and direct their creativity and energy into painting, gluing, sticking and drawing what they see. They make shapes, pictures and structures galore, as well as use pipettes and measuring jugs to mix up coloured water, craft things out of playdough and engage in sand play.


Baking– we love getting a little inventive in the kitchen, conjuring up all sorts of treats, from cupcakes to biscuits to bread!

New to 2020! - We are introducing Woodwork. Woodwork is a powerful medium for building self-esteem and confidence. Children feel empowered and valued by being given and trusted to handle real tools. Woodwork encompasses all areas of learning and development.

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