Daily Routine

Sessions begin at 9.00am.  Lunchbox goes in the fridge on arrival.  This routine can vary from day-to-day, and season-to-season.  We have a lovely secure outside space so in the warmer months we spend as much time outside as possible. We also have Declan from funky monkeys visit us each week and we also offer Forest School Sessions for periods throughout the year. Days of these activities alter and vary so our routine adapts to offer these opportunities.

9.00                 Settling in 
9.45 Registration 
10.00-11.00 Free play and adult led activities - inside and outside. Cafe Snack available 
11;00 Story followed by small group work
11.30 Physical play - outside if possible (bikes and trike)
12;00 Story time
12;15 Lunch time
13;00 Free play and adult led activities inside and outside
14:30 Snack time followed by a run around in the garden
14:50 Story time and singing
15:00 Home time