November 9th 2018
I hope you have all had a good week. In Pre-school this week we have been talking about fireworks and sharing our Firework experiences. The children have done firework paintings and children in on Monday afternoon joined in with Forest School. We had a small fire, toasted marshmallows and had some hot chocolate. 
Some children who were in yesterday talked with Rachael about Remembrance Sunday and painting finger poppy pictures. We have made biscuits and had Kate Newman was in for photos on Wednesday.
Next Week...
Forest School is on Tuesday 13th Nov, theme is Africa: Elsie, Betsy, Evelena, Joe and Coralie will have their turn. Please make sure they have plenty of warm clothing, boots and waterproofs.
We will be starting our letters to Santa next week. If anyone is popping to tesco/argos etc and can grab us some catalogues or if you have any at home, please bring them in. Thank you!
Information/dates for your Diary...
To help us to monitor Tapestry, please can you 'like or comment' on your child's observations. Ofsted like to ensure that settings are sharing learning with parents and whilst we are doing all we can to do this on Tapestry, it is helpful to know that it has been seen! Thank you
I am in the process of registering for a table on Light up Axminster's Christmas event on Friday 1st December. We are planning a lucky dip and cake sale (i think) to raise money for pre-school. We will need some volunteers for help running the 'stall' on the day as the hours we are allowed to be there are 4.30-8.30pm. No one wants to stand there the entire time, so if you can give an hour of your time let me know! Thank you so much
Christmas Party Day: Friday 14th December at 9.30am. Invited in the next few weeks. 
Our new units have arrived and i will be assembling them ALL on Sunday. If anyone is handy and wants to help me, i will be here from 1pm. Equally i will be needing help disposing/selling our old units. Please spread the word. Thank you!
Facebook Page...
Please make sure you like and keep up to date with our facebook page. I will be creating links from Devon and other useful information for you. We regularly share updates and info so keep informed!
Lets Talk More...
In the pre-school peg area we have displayed a 'lets talk more everywhere' monthly strategy. This months tip is to consider background noise when communicating with your children.
November 2nd 2018
I hope you have all had a lovely week.
In pre-school this week the children have done lots of fun Halloween activities. They have carved pumpkins, made cakes, done halloween crafts, explored messy jelly, pasta and other gooey stuff!
The first Forest school session has been a great success. The children enjoyed going on a bug hunt and making playdough spiders, weaved a web with string, they learnt about spiders and how they eat. All this  followed by enjoying a warm hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Our next session is on Monday afternoon and ALL Monday afternoon children are taking part. We will be lighting a small fire in the garden! Please bring layers of clothing so the children will keep toasty warm.
WEDNESDAY 7th OCTOBER - 9.30am Kate Newman will be here taking photos. You are welcome to bring in your children and siblings throughout the morning. 
At our Spooky Halloween cake sale we raised £57.50! Thank you for everyone's contributions! The money is going towards new storage units in preschool which i will order next week!
This year pre-school will be celebrating Christmas on Friday 14th December, our last day of term. There are a few plans to be finalised but ALL children will be invited to come along to the Village Hall in the morning with parents/family to take part in a fun filled Christmas celebration. We will have plenty of activities, music and songs with Declan, a special visitor, party and a small fundraising table. Invites and more details will follow soon. SAVED THE DATE! 
October 25th 2018
We have loads planned for this coming half term. Here are a few updates and reminders.... 
I have booked in Zelda to start forest school sessions this half term. Please find attached a letter about them. This time, i have planned for the children to get 1 or 2 sessions dependent on days of attendance. If they only have 1 turn, i will make sure they have 2 next time. 
We are asking for a £2.50 donation from every child to contribute towards the costs. Forest school doesn't come cheap but it is something we as a team feel strongly about in benefiting children's learning. Pre-school will fund the rest. Please bring in your child's £2.50 next week. I will approach you to sign a permission slip for us please. 
The children going this week are: Jacob K, Reef, Noah, Joe and Oliver. Please bring suitable clothing and shoes as they will get cold quickly. Their theme this week is Bug Adventures! 
This week we will be having some fun messy (not scary) activities with the children for halloween. On Wednesday children are welcome to dress up in halloween themed clothing (please do not make it too scary!) There will be a cake sale in the play ground at the end of the day. Donations of CAKES AND BAKES to pre-school by Wednesday please! All money raised will be going towards new storage units in the pre-school room. 
Our next committee meeting is on this THURSDAY 1st November in pre-school @ 7pm. New committee members applications have been submitted/are in progress. All expected to attend please. 
Sadly our paint is not very washable when it gets on clothing. We have repeated tried different varieties but its a bit of a nightmare. The children are offered painting opportunities daily and this will continue. Please make sure your child has 'nursery clothes' which you dont mind getting dirty. I know it is not ideal! We will be getting a few aprons, but if you would like to bring in one for your child or an old larger t-shirts to wear when they paint, you are welcome to. You can also purchase a Wise Owls T-shirt for £6 and it wont matter if they get dirty. Let me know!
I have arranged for Kate Newman to come into pre-school on Wednesday 7th November @ 9.30am to do individual photos of the children. They will be uploaded onto a secure site for you to purchase (nice xmas pressie idea!). More details will follow. Please make sure you bring in clothes you want your child to wear. Let us know if you want siblings from school to join your child (and let the school know). If your child in not normally in on that day, you are welcome to pop in during the morning to have your child's photo done. 
We know it is hard to think about lunch box ideas and it is easy for go for the same things every time, particularly when children can be 'fussy'. Devon County have shared some guidance and ideas for healthy lunch boxes and smart sugar swaps. More info can be found on:
Healthy swaps ideas will be shared in pre-school.
This half term is Monday 29th October till Friday 14th December.
 15th October 2018
In pre-school this week we have had a rather creative week with lots of activities promoting children's creativity and imagination. Some children have made some hedgehogs out of pine cones and clay. Some have made binoculars with Fran out of tubes, string and masking tape. We have been practicing our scissor skills and done lots of mark making. Some of the older children have wanted to practice writing their names using their pebbles. We were super proud to see some starting to form good letters from their names.
Please make sure you are bringing suitable clothing for the weather. We do like to go outside, even in rain/drizzle so waterproofs and/or spare clothes are a MUST please.
Some of you may have seen we are wanting to fill some shoe boxes with items to support the Rotary. I have 2 boxes which i would like to do for 1-3 year old and need items such as: flannel, tooth brush, small soft toys, picture book, hat, socks, scarf, soap (NO fluid, food, liquids, battery powered items, clothes or larger toys). If any one would like to donate anything, that would be fab thank you.
This week i will be planning the list of dates each child will attend forest school on our return from half term. Please can you all bring in £2.50 so that your child can attend. If your child does NOT attend on a tues and you are wanting them to come, i will be asking and checking which day you can make.
We will be planning some halloween themed (not scary) activities for after half term. We will be holding a spooky cake sale on Wednesday 31st October in the playground. All monies raised will be going towards our plans for new storage facilities in the pre-school room.
Please can you bring in and cakes or bakes w/c 29th October for us to sell on 31st. Could i please have some volunteers from committee members to help me sell the cakes on the day?? Thank you!
Our next committee meeting will be held in pre-school on Thursday 1st November at 7pm

8th October 2018

I am sorry I am a bit late in sending my weekly email. The weekend has flown by! Plus my laptop had a funny 5 mins!
We have survived the first week of October...can you believe it! Two weeks to go to half term, its crazy!
Just so you are all aware, January is filling up fast, so if your child is due to start school next September and you wish to increase sessions, please let me know sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. You can check on:
to see if you are entitled to 30 hours free childcare. I will need codes and details before xmas so you can apply now. 
Invoices went out last week, please make payment within the month. Thank you!
I have had an email from Devon County Council offering advice and reminding us that children aged 2-9 years should be immunised. The school will have contacted you regarding school aged siblings, but children aged 2 and 3 years are to get their immunisations via GP. I strongly recommend you do this. Don't wait for a letter from them.
I have arranged for Zelda to return after half term to do more forest school sessions with the children. She will be coming in to do these on a Tuesday. I will be making a 'plan' to ensure all children get a go, even if your child is not in on a Tuesday, i will speak to you. This time round, we are asking for a £2.50 donation from you for your child to take part. This will not cover the full cost but part of it and the pre-school will pay for the rest. Myself, staff and committee believe this to be fair and reasonable however, please come and see me if you think this would be difficult for you. We are really looking forward to Forest School starting again!
Please make sure that if you pack grapes in your child's lunch box that these are already cut - long ways. There are many horror stories about the choking risk and we want to make sure this risk is minimal. Thank you!
Some of you may have seen we are wanting to fill some shoe boxes with items to support the Rotary. I have 2 boxes which i would like to do for 1-3 year old and need items such as: flannel, tooth brush, small soft toys, picture book, hat, socks, scarf, soap (NO fluid, food, liquids, battery powered items, clothes or larger toys). If any one would like to donate anything, that would be fab thank you.
My sister and i held a coffee morning in preschool a few weeks back and we have raised £218.53! I would just like to thank you all so much for coming along and/or donating money. It has been paid in to this worthy cause. Thank you!
30th September 2018
I hope you have had a good week. In pre-school this week we have had a visit from AxeVale Wildlife park. All of the children really enjoyed meeting and saying hi to a tortoise, bearded dragon, snake, stick insects and a millipede. They also looked at spider skin, snake skin and egg shells. There will be pictures on tapestry in the next week...i took quite a lot!
The children have also enjoyed exploring the ELF Firebox, dressing up as fire fighters. Some also played a floor game which involved counting dots on the dice, moving their characters and answering fire related questions. I was very impressed.
This week among other things, we will continue to look at Autumn as the weather changes as leaves continue to drop. 
October invoices will be handed out this week. Any questions, please let me know.
Please can you reply to this email and let me know if you cannot log in to tapestry. I shall sort them all out in the week. I believe the best way to look at your childs observations is to login in on the internet, not the app. Save your email and password, then when an email comes through to you notifying there is an observation, click on it and it should go straight to your children observations. I have checked the settings and this should work. Forget the app for now.
I wont be in pre-school Monday and Tuesday as i am in Cardiff at a friends wedding. If you have any problems or questions Kim will be there. I can get back to you with anything on my return.

23 September - Good Afternoon All,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. I would personally like to say a massive thank you to all of those who came, donated and/or baked for the Macmillan Coffee morning held yesterday. It was a wet and miserable day so no better way than to spend it eating cake! So far, we raised £141.91 which is amazing. Thank you so so much.
This week we had our committee meeting. We had a great turn out and elected new members pending completion of the EY2 forms. As there has been troubles with what we need to do (not our fault) we now know this has to be done online. There are some questions regarding the right number to use on the form I will following this up with Becca and let you know tomorrow. 
The fire service have learnt us a role play box with resources and activities for the children to do. We have had it for  1 week and the children have loved exploring, dressing up and pretending to be fire fighters! We have it for 1 more week and will continue with this. 
We will be having a visit from the Education Officer and animals on Wednesday morning at 9.30am. If your child is not normally in pre-school and you would like to come along, let me know. 
Please can i remind you to make payments for your September invoices by the end of the month. As a committee we discussed altering it so they will be dated from the first of the month and you have till the end of the month to make payment.
We use and update our facebook page regularly. Please like us!
Have a lovely rest of the day and we shall see you next week!
Thank you
Nic x 

16 September - Good Evening All,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend. Axminster Carnival was good last night, i hope all those who watched enjoyed!
We have had our first week of completing our Learning Snap Shot Observations. Half of the children have been completed, the second have are being observed this week. Observations are on your child's tapestry account. This cycle will continue, we hope you find them interesting and useful. We are learning so much more about your children by completing them!
On Wednesday the 26th September, we will be having a visit from Axe Valley Wild Life park who are bringing in a selection of animals to meet the children.
Declan is now coming at 9.30am on Fridays. Its not ideal as it is our quietest day but we shall see how it goes! He is in high demand!
My sister and i will be holding a Macmillan coffee morning in pre-school this Saturday 22nd September 10am till 12pm. Everyone is welcome to come along for a slice of cake and a cuppa. All for a great cause in memory of my nan and anyone else who has lost a loved one to Cancer. There will be a raffle for a cake made by the lovely Monique Soole!
PS. Any bakes/donations greatly received! x
This week we have our AGM meeting followed by a committee meeting. Thursday at 7pm in Pre-school. Those parents who have completed the DBS check and sent off their EY2 forms and therefore would like to be put forward to join our committee, please make sure you are there. If you are really unable to attend, i will happily put your name forward if you can provide me with a statement of commitment and interest in joining.
There are some roles (small roles) which will be available as current members step down. These will be discussed in the meeting in more detail.
Please return any forms i have given you regarding funding.
This week is headcount week so i will be asking for you to sign to agree we claim the correct funded hours at Wise Owls.
As the weather is variable, please remember suitable clothing, coats etc to suit the weather. Please also remember to bring in spare clothes for your children as we do get wet and messy...that's why they come to pre-school!
We look forward to seeing you all next week!
Thank you
Nic x

8 September - Good Afternoon All,

The children have survived their first week back at pre-school. It has been a lovely week meeting and welcoming new children. They have all done really really well. 
Next week we shall be starting our new planning and observation system. You will have observations added to your child's tapestry accounts so please make sure you log on regularly! Over fortnightly periods, one observation will be titled "Learning Snap Shot", we will be doing these to make more focused notes and observations on your child and this will then inform our planning. If you would like more info on this, come and see Nic.
Many of you this term are new to the Early Years Funding for 3+4 year olds. I have given you all Parent Declaration forms which i need to have back please. Can you also bring in your child's birth certificate or passport for me to look at and i can sign to say i have seen it. Alongside these forms are Pupil premium forms. It is up to you if you want to fill these out and return them to me. It explains what it is on the front. It cant hurt to fill out in case you are entitled.
Invoices have been handed out this week (if i missed you i will give it you this week). This is now monthly so please make payment withing the date given. Thank you
On Wednesday the 26th September, we will be having a visit from Axe Valley Wild Life park who are bringing in a selection of animals to meet the children.
Declan is now coming at 9.30am on Fridays. Its not ideal as it is our quietest day but we shall see how it goes! He is in high demand!
My sister and i will be holding a Macmillan coffee morning in pre-school on Saturday 22nd September 10am till 12pm. Everyone is welcome to come along for a slice of cake and a cuppa. All for a great cause in memory of my nan and anyone else who has lost a loved one to Cancer. 
PS. Any bakes/donations greatly received! x
Have a lovely weekend and we shall look forward to seeing you all next week!
Take care
Nic x


31 August - Evening All,

I hope you have had a lovely summer break. Monday marks the start of the Autumn Term although i believe the Sun may stay with us a while longer. A few bits and bobs for your information for the term ahead:
  • Pre-school opens on Monday at 9am
  • We will have a settling in week and we are expecting 6 new children to pre-school. 
  • We have reviewed our planning system. A couple children have a new key worker allocated. Everyone will have a note in your child's tray (by the front door) on who your child's keyworker is. 
  • We are now invoicing monthly, this months invoices will be handed out your first week back. I will also be handing out forms for those new to the 3+4 yr old funding for you to complete for me please.
  • We are doing a new self registering system, we have scrapped the names on the fridge and each child has a stone with their name on. We will show you on Monday!
  • Our next committee meeting is the AGM followed by a committee meeting on Thursday 20th September at 7pm in pre-school. A number of you have applied to join the committee, we are extremely grateful for this! Those applied, will need to come along to this meeting to put yourselves forward to join "officially" and sadly those who will be stepping down will do so officially.
  • Don't for get suncream, coats hats etc, weather dependent!
  • We will discuss the continuation of Forest school at the AGM. Staff and myself are keen to continue this as the kiddies loved it.
  • Finally, let me know if you have problems logging onto Tapestry. Everyone should have a log in on their emails (new to wise owls).
I think that is it for now! Have a fab weekend and the staff and i look forward to welcoming you back next week!
Take care
Nic x


11 JulyEvening All, 

I hope you are having a good week. Only 2 more days left of term before the big holidays!
Party on Friday for the School Leavers
The list on the fridge has been filled in regards to party food for Fri - thank you. If anyone has not put down their names and would still like to bring something in, please feel free to bring in savory bits (NO Peanuts/nuts please). I have a special leavers cake being made for the occasion so no more sweet treats...i shall spare you all loopy children if i can!! I am not fully sure on numbers but it could be more like 23/24 children. I am sorry i cannot invite other children NOT in on Friday and NOT leaving for school. You will have your turn next year! Please let me know remind me if your child has an intolerance to any food on the list or has a specific dietary requirement. As children bring in packed lunches daily, its easy to slip your mind. Thank you
It has been bought to my attention from a concerned parent walking through the village that there are some people who drive through the village and past school far too fast. Please can you take care of your children as you walk and also drive carefully. Many children walk to school/pre-school and it would be heartbreaking if a child was knocked down by a vehicle driving too fast. PLEASE DRIVE WITH CARE. 
Thank you and enjoy the last 2 days before our holidays start!
Thank you
Nic x

7 July - Good Evening All, 

What a busy week we have had. This week we have enjoyed our end of year trip to the donkey sanctuary. Thank you to everyone who came along, we hope you all had a great time!
We have had our last forest school of the year, the children had a lovely time exploring with Kim and Zelda. We are looking into continuing this in september.
This Week...
This week is our last week of the term. We have the last school transition day on Wednesday morning (not tuesday). I will take all of the children over as normal so please be at preschool before 10.30am. Due to the change in day, if you cannot make it, please let me know if you haven't already. The Thursday group will go as normal.
Friday is our last day of term and also our leavers party 10.45-12.45. The list of food is on the pre-school fridge if you would be kind enough to pop your name down for something to bring in.  If your child cannot make the party, let me know as i have their leaving gift to give you.
As mentioned before, if your child is due in on Fri and not a school leaver, they are welcome to have party food or bring their own lunch as normal. Parents do not need to stay but you are welcome to if you like. We will be having lots of games and a special leavers cake is being made!
Headlice: We have had one confirmed case of head lice in pre-school. Please tie up longer hair to avoid potential "friends". Check regularly!
Payments; i have received a list from the treasurer of those  still owing fees. Please ensure fees are paid this week. From September fees are charged in advance and payment needs to be received promptly.
Next Term...
We return on Monday 3rd September. If you have not spoken to me already, i will assume your child's days/sessions will remain the same. Please speak to me if you wish to alter days, increase or reduce in September to avoid disappointment. Numbers are looking good so i wouldn't want anyone to miss out. 
I will need 30 hour codes asap ready to verify for September. I will be checking emails over the holiday but please don't leave it to the last minute. 
New T+C's will be circulated.
Fees will increase to £4.00 for 3+4 year olds and £4.50 per hour for 2 year olds.
The new term date calendar is available. I will make sure everyone gets a copy who will be with us in September.
I hate to go on, but as it currently stands, 3 members of the committee will step down in September at our AGM. This will leave 3 members which will mean we are not able to open. I have attached an information sheet created by our Secretary on how to join. Please let me know if you are joining and are starting the process. Please remember that no committee means no pre-school. Our registration requires us to have a committee of at least 5 members in order to operate. 
Ice cream sale
Karina and i will be in the school playground next week selling ice creams. It is meant to be hot so an ice cream is a welcome treat at the end of  busy day for your kids. Don't forget your cash please. Please pass on to other mummies of school parents as you see them Monday morning. 
Transition Documents
If i have handed you your child's transition document, please make sure it is signed and returned to me by Tuesday morning at the LATEST. I am due to meet with Mr Ridge on Tuesday afternoon to hand these over and help him get to know all about your children. This is important to that they get the best start to school life. 
Thank you and i hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Nic x

2 July - Hi All,

I hope you have had a good day. Tomorrow is our trip! Those coming along, meet us at 9.15 in pre-school as this gives the school parents time to leave the carpark. If your child is already due in and if you have contacted me, you have a space on the coach. There are still some spaces left if anyone else wants to join the coach - let me know!
Please don't forget to suncream your child BEFORE we leave. Make sure you bring lunches and drinks for both yourselves and children. Bring some cash for coffees (essential!) and donations for the Donkey Sanctuary. I will get everyone a icecream/lolly at the end of the day.
I have arranged for us to be met off of the coach and given an education talk/tour. Hopefully the lady can book a room for us to leave and bags and hopefully to have lunch in the shade.
I have said staff can wear casual clothes as our tops can get warm in the sun. We will have our badges on. 
Like i said before, we may come back a bit earlier than 2pm if it is hot/children are ready.
See you all tomorrow! x
Nic Hare 


30 June Good Evening All,
Well July is almost upon us, time is flying by. We are finding it hard to believe only 2 weeks left of this term!
We have had a busy but successful week this week. Our Sports Day was super! A brilliant turn out and fantastic support. I have counted up your donations and raffle money and am blown away to share that you raised £157.50. We are so grateful for your generosity. A massive thank you to you all. We will be using this money to top up our craft and creative supplies in preschool.
Donkey Sanctuary Trip
The end of year trip is this Tuesday, 3rd July. Thank you to those who are coming along to help us. I have looked at numbers and have made a plan which is as follows:
  • If your child is due in pre-school on Tuesday and you ARE coming on the trip to help, there is space on the coach for you. You will be responsible for your child. Staff have been allocated children to be responsible for who's parents are unable to come along
  • If your child is NOT due in on tuesday but you would like to come along, you can either let me know and you can join us on the coach (i have spare seats to fill) or can meet us there in your own vehicles. All are welcome!
  • I have wrist bands to attach to your children which we can write mobile numbers on...just in case!
  • Please make sure you have suncream and hats, spare clothes in case of accidents and water bottles for yourselves and children. Bring packed lunches for you both, ideally with cool pak's. 
  • I will be taking first aid kits 
  • The coach is to arrive at school at 9.30am. The coach is staying at the Donkey Sanctuary for when we are ready to leave. We have said around 2pm. If the weather is still really hot, we may make the decision to leave to come back a bit earlier. We will definitely be back before the school rush.
  • Pre-school will pay for the coach there but we would like it if you could make a small donation to the donkey sanctuary please.
If i have forgotten to mention anything, i will send it out in the reminder i will send Monday evening.
Just a little reminder to check your invoices and make sure you have made your payments please. Before the end of term would be appreciated. If you are not sure/cannot remember what you owe, please let me know and i can liaise with Karina our treasurer to get the details for you.
Next term we will be doing monthly invoices in advance and changes to terms and conditions have been made. More details will follow.
Parents Evening and Parent Surveys
So, we tried a new idea for parents evening this week, we had 13 parents come along which was brilliant. We hope you found it useful. I will be happy to re-arrange times for those who couldn't make it, so please let me know. I will be producing transition documents for those leaving to go to school which i will share with you anyway.
If you could return completed parent surveys by the end of term, that would be great. There is a box for them to be posted in on top of the trays - thank you!
School Transitions -CHANGE OF DATE
I have had a message from Mr Ridge that the transition date for those due to attend their final session on Tuesday 10th July has been changed to Wed 11th July. This is due to their Big Arts Week.
Those children already in on the Wednesday i will take across as normal. Those children who are not, can meet me at pre-school just before 10.30 and i will take them across all together. This swap may mean you cannot bring them due to work/other childcare arrangements. If this is the case, let me know. Please be assured all of the children have done brilliantly in their sessions and i am not worried about how any of them will get on in September. I am very proud of them all.
NOTE: Thursday group will go as normal.
School Leavers Party
We will have a school leavers party in pre-school on Friday 13th July 10.45-12.45pm. Parents do not need to stay. The children will have party games, dancing, have a party lunch and will be given their leaving presents to take home. I will put a list on the fridge and ask if parents can bring in a small plate of food please. Don't worry about packed lunches this day.
Children normally in on Friday can join in and it is up to you whether you would like them to bring in packed lunches or have the party food-they are welcome to. 
Please let us know if your child can come along to their party!
For those children due to go to school, i will have to delete your child's tapestry account in September. If you would like me to download your child's journal to a UBS of disk, please bring one in. I can do this in the last week of term. I will also try and get hold of some disks/usb sticks myself for you if i can. 
Forest School
Last session is this Thursday at 10am. Kim will let you know if it is your child's turn
I think that is it for now, i will let you know other bits and pieces as we go through the week
Thank you!
Nic x
26 June Good Evening All,
I would like to say a massive thank you for all of your support, donations and coming along to our sports day today. It was warm and we had to cut out a race, but your little ones were brilliant! It was lovely so so many of you came. Thank you!
Tomorrow is our parents evening, some of you have booked slots to come along and chat to your child's Key worker. It is absolutely fine to just pop in, have a glass of wine and a nibble of cheese and crackers and mingle whilst you wait. We do have a fair few coming so will have aprox 10 mins to chat to you. We do not want to be rude so please bear with us so we can see you all. We will be in preschool 6.30-8pm If you cannot come, don't worry, we can arrange another time when we can meet with you. Please see me to arrange the best time for you all.
Forest School this week is on Thursday, Kim will let you know if she hasn't already if it is your child's turn.
I will send out an email at the end of the week with details on our Donkey Sanctuary Trip next Tuesday.
Enjoy your evening all!
Nic x
25 June Evening All, 
Big thank you for your generosity with regards to raffle prizes for the hamper tomorrow. 
Tomorrow is set to be a scorcher so please remember hats/creams/water/loose breathable clothing. We wont keep kiddies out in it too long. We have gazebos for the kids to provide some shade. 
Please be at preschool for 1.45pm. 
Refreshments follow back in preschool. Please leave a donation. All moneys for preschool.
On another note, those due for school transition in the morning and are NOT normally booked in to preschool on a tuesday, i am sorry i cant offer to keep them for lunch. It will be a pain for you coming and going twice but i cannot legally have them as are only registered for 17 max at one time. Sorry guys.
We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Thank you 
Nic x
22 June - Good Morning All,
I hope you have had a good week. We have had a busy week in pre-school looking after our chicks, practicing Sports Day and lots of work on Shapes.
Next Week...
Sports Day is on Tuesday. Please drop your little ones at Pre-school by 1.45pm if they are not already booked to attend on Tuesday. Don't worry if they do not want to come/join in. We are not forcing them to take part if they don't want to. Everyone is welcome to watch.
Please remember sun cream and Hats and also a water bottle. It is meant to be hot.  It would help us greatly if you put creams on as you drop off your children.
After the races, we will be giving out certificates and medals. Followed by a lolly and drinks back at pre-school. A donation box will be available, all money to pre-school. We will then do the Raffle.
We are still welcoming donations till MONDAY for the Hamper. Beach/summer time theme. Don't forget to sell your raffle tickets.
School Transitions have gone well this week. I am so proud of your little ones! I will continue to support them during next weeks sessions in school.
Parents Cheese and Wine Evening is on Wednesday.  Staff will be there 6.30-8pm.
Some of you have already said you will join us and chat to your child's Key Worker. You are welcome to pencil in a time with us or just come along and mingle and grab us when we are free. We are really looking forward to this!  
Parent Survey: At the parents evening we will be handing out parent surveys for you to take away and complete. For those unable to attend, we will put them in your child's tray. The survey offers you an opportunity to have a voice in feeding back to us about your pre-school. All comments and opinions are valued and we will take these on board to continue to improve our service. There is also a section on the back for you to complete with your child. We value their voices too!
GDPR - I will email you individually if you are yet to return your permissions and privacy agreements. It is essential we have these back. Let me know if you need a second copy, its not a problem.
Donkey Sanctuary Trip - Thank you to those who have offered to help. I am in the process of planning ratio's (adult to children). I will let you know what spaces are available on the coach if your child does NOT usually attend on a Tuesday. Obviously you are all still welcome to come along but will need to meet us there. The coach arrives at school at 9.30am and will probably get to the Donkey Sanctuary by 10.15 (once we have loaded the children on!). Please bring packed lunches, hats/creams or wet weather gear. We will return to pre-school with plenty of time for school pick up and to avoid car park madness!
Leavers Party -  A party for the children leaving us to go to school will be on Friday 13th July in Pre-school. We will be sending you more details closer to the time.
Terms and Conditions - after our committee meeting yesterday, we have made some alterations to our terms and conditions. Please see attached. These come into affect from September 2018. They include a slight fee increase and changes to how invoicing will be done from half termly to monthly. Please read.
Have a lovely weekend and we shall see you next week!
Nic x
21 June - Evening All, 
Just a quick reminder that we would like all donations for the hamper by Monday please. Beach, or summer related items will be great. We have had only 4 donations so far. Items can include any summer bits currently in tesco/coop such as summer bbq type games (bats and ball, skittles etc). Bucket and spade, picnic blanket, towel, soft drink, suncream, sun glasses .... just to name a few suggestions! 
We have had some raffle tickets back; thank you but please continue and try and sell sell sell. All monies go to your pre school.
As mentioned previously, we will have refreshments back in preschool after sports day. We will have a donation box available. Again, all money goes to preschool. We will be needing to restock craft supplies so this money will help greatly with that. 
Thank you! 
Nic x
18 June - Good Evening All,
Next Tuesday is our Sports Day. It is being held in the School field and starts at 2pm. 
If your child is not normally in on a Tuesday afternoon and if they are keen to take part, please bring them to us at 1.45pm in pre-school. If hot/sunny do not forget sun cream and hats on your children...and for yourselves too!
Everyone is welcome to watch, it will be short and sweet as the children are little and will be followed by, medals, certificates and a ice lolly in pre-school and a cuppa for the grown ups.
After the event we will be having a raffle to raise some money for pre-school (i have well and truly spent our savings..eek!) 
We are making a 'Beach' hamper so please can we have some donations on beach related items. Thank you.
In your child's trays are some raffle tickets which Fran and Kim have organised. Please could you sell the tickets to your nearest and dearest for £1 a strip BUT return the tickets with names on the back along with the cash to be in for a chance to win the Hamper. 
If there are any other questions, please let us know.
Thank you
Nic x
16 June - Hello!
I hope you have had a lovely week. Some of you may have seen our new water wall in the front play area which the children are loving! We also have chicks in pre-school which i am sure the children are talking about!
This week we will be continuing to learn about chicks and the lifecycle of a chicken. The children will get to experience and touch the chicks daily and help care for them so they grow.
We will be practicing our Sports Day races (information on sports day is displayed on a poster on the front door). This week the older children will have their first transition day. As i mentioned before, please come to pre-school just before 10.30 and i can walk all of the children into school together. I will stay with them. The session ends at 12pm.
Forest School
I will give you a call/text on Monday if it is your child's turn this Tuesday. Please ensure appropriate clothing is bought in.
Date to remember:
Committee Meeting: THIS Thursday 21st June @7pm in pre-school. Please come along and you will be able to 'sign up' to be a committee member. We NEED parents to be able to remain open in September.
Sports Day: Tuesday 26th June
Parents Evening: A cheese and wine evening on Wednesday 27th June. We will be there between 6.30 until about 8pm. Please let us know if you can come along to chat to your child's keyworker. It will also be a nice opportunity to mingle with other parents whilst you wait. If you would like to book a specific time to see your child's key worker, let NIC know.
End of term outing: Tuesday 3rd July to the Donkey Sanctuary. Parent Volunteers NEEDED. All welcome.
Finally, A few GDPR privacy notice and permissions have not been returned. Please return asap. Thank you
Nic x
9 June - Good Evening All,
I hope you are having a nice weekend.
This coming week we are expecting some chicks! They will be delivered to us in an incubator on and within a day or 2 they should hatch. The children will be learning about caring for them and doing lots of fun activities around this. We will be keeping them for just over a week and then they will be collected. The company we are using is one I have used in my previous setting. For more info about them, please follow the following link:
Forest School
I will give you a call/text on Monday if it is your child's turn this Tuesday. Please ensure appropriate clothing is bought in.
Date to remember:
Committee Meeting: Thursday 21st June @7pm
Sports Day: Tuesday 26th June...more details will follow
Parents Evening: A cheese and wine evening is planned for Wednesday 27th June. We will be there between 6.30 until about 8pm. Please let us know if you can come along to chat to your child's keyworker. It will also be a nice opportunity to mingle with other parents whilst you wait. If you would like to book a specific time to see your child's key worker, let NIC know.
End of term outing: Tuesday 3rd July to the Donkey Sanctuary. Parent Volunteers NEEDED. All welcome.
Finally, I am still to receive everyone's signed GDPR privacy notice and permissions. Please return asap. Thank you.
Thank you
Nic x

3 JuneGood Morning All,

I hope you have had a lovely half term. Over the half term the pre-school flooring has been done! I am heading over there this afternoon with some helpers to put pre-school back together. If anyone is free, more hands make light work, we will be there from 3pm Thank you!
I would like to welcome 3 new children who are joining us on a Friday. These children will be going to All Saints in September and will be spending these last 6 weeks with us to get used to being around school and making new friends!
This week we will be focusing on Maths. There will be lots of activities (more than normal) offering opportunities for the children to explore shapes, spaces, measuring, numbers and number problems. On Tapestry we will be adding to the observations some tips for you on how you can continue this at home.
June and July are set to be busy months! The children starting school have their Transition dates booked. These are: Tuesdays 19th and 26th June and Tuesday 10th July. These sessions start at 10.30am so if your child is not already in with me, you are welcome to come and meet us at this time so we can walk over together. I will stay with the children.
Please note: the 3 new children will continue to go on their arranged Thursday sessions as per your letter from school.
We will be starting Forest school sessions this week. I am finalising what children will attend on the days Zelda is coming. If your child does not get a turn this term, they will in the Autumn. I will let you know each week who will be going so you can bring suitable clothing!
Tuesday 26th June will be our Sports day. Kim and Suzie are in the process of planning this so times and details will follow shortly.
Parents Evening date will be in the next few weeks once I have finalised the date with staff. I will let you know this week. It will be a good opportunity to talk through your child's progress with their key worker.
The last committee meeting of the school year is Thursday 21st June at 7pm. We NEED more committee members in line for September when 3 current members propose to be stepping down. If you can join our committee, please come along to this meeting and I can get the process started. Thank you!
The new Privacy Notice and permissions is in your child's tray. It is ESSENTIAL I have these read, signed and returned by the end of the week.
The end of term outing has been arranged for Tuesday 3rd July. We will be going to the Donkey Sanctuary. The coach has been booked and I will be working out spaces and numbers. To enable us to go, we will need parents to come along and help please. I am letting you know the date know so you can make arrangements if possible. Finer details will be discussed nearer the time. If your child is not in on a Tuesday but you would like to come along, you can meet us there.
As always, I will continue weekly updates via email. Let me know if you do not want to receive these.
We look forward to welcoming you back this week!
Nic x


24 MayGood Evening All,
As some of you are probably aware by now the new GDPR law comes into affect tomorrow. This is a data protection law to replace existing legislation.
Due to this, we have had to do some new paperwork for pre-school which requires your time to read and sign. In addition to this, we have added in some more new policies to our existing policies and procedures.
I have re-written ALL pre-school policies and these are due to be put onto our website in the next few days or so for you to take a read.
I have attached the Privacy notice which explains how and why we collect data and information on you and your children which I would appreciate you taking a moment to read through. I will have paper copies along with new Permissions for you to sign in pre-school. I appreciate it may seem as though I have duplicated permissions you have already signed in the past, however the legal requirement is for you re-sign them all and sign that you have read and understood the Privacy Notice.
If there is anything you wish to discuss regarding this, please let me know.
Thank you
Nic x
20 MayGood Afternoon All,
I hope you are having a lovely weekend enjoying the weather.
This coming week we have focusing on Mark Making! Exploring different media and materials to make marks in all sorts of ways.
Help Wanted!
This coming Sunday (27th) at aprox 3pm and then the following Sun (3rd) at the same time, we would like some help to help empty pre-school then put it back together so that it is clear whilst we have new flooring fitted. Please let me know if you can help.
The data protection law is changing this week and I am in the process of making necessary adjustments in our policies in order to comply. I will be handing you all a privacy notice this week with some other pieces of information for you to sign. I am sorry it is something else for you to do, but we need to do this. Thank you
Half term
Week commencing 29th May is half term. After half term we will be rotating groups of children to take part in weekly forest school sessions (with your permission) so that all of those in on the day will have a turn. If your child does not do Wednesdays, I will plan the Autumn term so that more children can have a go.
After half term school transition sessions will start. For all of those due to go to school and have confirmed you are attending the sessions, you are welcome and encouraged to come in to me just before 10.30 on those dates and I will take all of the children across together.
WI Plant Sale
We are once again supporting the All Saints WI at their annual Plant Sale and will be having a store-cupboard tombola. We would be grateful if you could donate anything that you would normally have in your food cupboard (for example: pasta, tea, coffee, rice, sugar, cereal, soup etc.). Just please make sure that it's in date! 

All donations needed by next Friday 25th May please

Committee meeting date

Next date: Thursday 21st June at 7pm. Please come along if you can and we will give you all of the information to join our committee. Remember that with no committee there will be no pre-school and as of our AGM in September, 2 members will sadly be stepping down due to their children starting school. Please refer to the letter and information already sent out to you on how a committee works.

Thank you


15 MayDear parents,

We are once again supporting the All Saints WI at their annual Plant Sale and will be having a store-cupboard tombola. We would be grateful if you could donate anything that you would normally have in your food cupboard (for example: pasta, tea, coffee, rice, sugar, cereal, soup etc.). Just please make sure that it's in date! 

All donations needed by next Friday 25th May please. 

Thank you! x  

10 MayGood Afternoon all,
I hope you are having a nice week, it has flown by! I am sure you will agree Pre-school is looking fresher after its lick of paint over the bank holiday weekend. Next is the flooring during half term.
This Week...
We have had a busy week talking about people who help us and different occupations. We have had a visit from a paramedic and a police lady! We have spent a lot of time outside playing with water, sand and planting.
Next week we will continue to explore occupations so you are welcome to come in and talk to the children about what you do.
Open Day
Just a reminder it is our open day for new parents this weekend. If you have any friends/family looking for childcare please encourage them to come along. Saturday 10-12pm. If anyone wanted to pop by for a cuppa you are more than welcome. Also, any cake donations for us will be greatly appreciated.
Joe Barnes has lost his new pre-school hoody. It has his name written in on the label. Please can you check your child's hoodies as you may have accidently picked up his. I also have a un-named one left in pre-school, so maybe that is yours if you have Joe's.
Please can you make sure you label clothing, particularly coats, hats and jumpers. Also drink bottles! As it is getting warmer, we are encouraging the children to take drink bottles outside in the afternoon with them.
Old school uniform
If anyone has any old All Saints school jumpers/dresses or book bags, please can we have some for our role play area. We think it will be good to have available to help with school transition. Equally if your child will go to another school, their uniform would be great too.
We will be creating a new birthday board in pre-school, please can you bring in a photo of your child which you would like to go on display-which you don't mind us trimming to size. Thank you
I have been asking you this week for your permission to use photo's of your child - mainly in group shots on our facebook page and website. The reason for this is to promote our village pre-school and share our links with the community. It is fine if you decline your permission but if given, I will need a signature please. Thank you!
Will be in trays on Monday.
Interest sheets
These have been in trays over a week and mostly collected. Please return them to your child's keyworker. Very few have been returned so far which is unfortunate.
Have a lovely weekend once it arrives.
Nic x
7 May - Good Evening All,
I hope you have had a good weekend and have enjoyed this glorious sunshine.
We have a very busy week ahead in pre-school. We hare looking at Occupations and People who help us. In groups we will be exploring this with the children and in role play. We have a police lady coming into speak to the children and hopefully a paramedic. If you have a job/hobby/interest and would like to come in and talk to the children, please let me know.
As I hope you know, we have been promoting our open day this Saturday. The idea is to hopefully get people into pre-school and then join us in September or following months. If anyone has some spare time this week and can make us some cakes/biscuits for us to have as refreshments, that would be greatly appreciated. The open day is 10am till 12pm. Please spread the word to your friends who might like to come along.
Please find attached a letter and information which has been put in your child's tray for you to read. This information has been kindly put together by the chair of our committee Becca. We cannot stress enough that we do need you! Our next meeting is on: Thursday 21st June at 7pm. We will be having another AGM in September. If you can interested in joining the committee, please let me know.
In light of promoting ourselves at Wise Owls, please could you take 5 minutes to write a few words which I can add to our website, face book page and in our information we hand to prospective parents in the form of a testimonial. Your voices make the most difference and it would be wonderful to share your positive views of the pre-school. If you can ping this to me in an email, that would be great. Thank you!
In the next few weeks we will ordering some new resources to complete out outdoor areas. I have a fair bit to spend so watch this space!
We will be having new flooring during the half term and will need some muscles on Sunday 27th May and to empty pre-school and Sunday 3rd June to put everything back together. Time TBC. If anyone can help us, please let me know.
We will be planning a parents evening style event to come along and talk about your child's learning. Please complete and return the Interest Sheet which has already been shared with you (in children's trays).
Will be done for you this week. I will be doing the second half of the Summer Term in Half term so please let me know any holiday dates.
Enjoy your evening!
Nic x


29 April - Good Evening All,

I hope you have had a good weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead.
This week in pre-school we will be moving on a bit from Growing and looking at ourselves, how we have grown and changed and looking onto being healthy. We will have activities and group time talking about this. Can I ask if you can, to bring in a photo of your child when they were a baby/bit younger please? This is so we can share them in small group times and really help the children to talk about themselves and how they have changed over time. You can add it onto Tapestry if that is easier and we can show them from there.
We will be making Rainbow Pizza's during the week, talking about healthy food choices and the effect exercise has on our bodies.
Declan will continue to sing songs with the children in different languages, we have been learning counting in French and Spanish words!
This week is headcount week so I will be grabbing you to sign the form again to confirm I am claiming the right funding for you this term. If your child attends a second setting, an additional form will be given to you to hand to the other setting to sign.
Those new to funding this term, I will have a 'parent declaration form' for you to also sign.
There are a few of you I believe still owe money for uniform, I have handed those I have to Jennie and she will be wanting to collecting the rest this week please. 
We have had 2 sessions and the children are really enjoying it! We are planning ahead and hope to run these throughout the whole of the summer term but will send 5 different children each week. We will let you know in advance so you can bring in suitable clothing for your child. For a little look into what kinds of things forest school is all about, please watch the following film (copy and paste into your search bar if you have face book...I hope it works!):
Do not forget we will be closed for the bank holiday Monday 7th May.
I think that is it for now! Have a lovely evening and I shall see you all this week!
Nic x

23 April - Evening All,

I have been trying to make life easier for us all and have arranged for someone to paint pre-school for us. It will be painted before our open day which will be great.
Thank you to those who have offered, I know life is busy and everyone has commitments 
Hope to see you at the AGM tomorrow if you can.
Thank you
Nic x

19 AprilGood Evening all,

I hope you have had a good week and are enjoying these days of sunshine! It has come as a bit of a shock to the system, I had forgotten how to behave n the sun!
Please remember to pack sun cream and hats for your child, and please label them! I have labels in pre-school if you need one. Can you please also label water bottles. Thank you
This week we have been talking about growing. Some children have been measuring themselves on the new wall chart, some have planted some herbs and peas. We have started our new small group times, I hope you find the feedback about what your children are learning informative. We are finding them good, the children have responded to the change well and positive!
As staff we are having daily feedback to each other on how we are finding them and benefiting the children. I am really pleased with how this is going.
Uniform has arrived and been handed out to most. Thank you for the monies so far. If everyone can pay asap in cash to me, that would be great. I can then pass the money onto Jennie (supplier). I hope you are all liking them, we think they are really cute. Let me know if you want to order any more or if you have changed your mind and would like some.
It is with regret I am informing you that Leanne will be leaving us at Wise Owls. Leanne has been working 2 days a week. She will be leaving us to work in a full time job which sadly I cannot offer her at this time. Her last day will be Friday 11th May. I will let you know changes to key worker if your child's is Leanne's.
We will be continuing with talking about growing. If you can bring in a photo of your child as a baby that would be lovely.
FOREST SCHOOL PARENTS: please can you come and collect your child (if not booked in for a full day already) at 2.15pm so that they get the full 1 hour session with Kim and Zelda. The children really enjoyed their first session this week! Sorry that they were a bit late back!
I will keep you updated on the paining party. Many are away or busy so I am looking at the possibility of getting a decorator in. Thank you to those who have offered and watch this space.
Have a lovely weekend once it arrives!
Best wishes
Nic x

18 AprilHi All,

Hope you have been enjoying this sunshine. Please can you pop sun cream (labelled!) into your child's bags tomorrow (and onwards , fingers crossed)!
This is so we can enjoy the sunshine during pre-school hours. We will alter our routine and avoid the hottest part of the day - between 11 and 2pm during the hottest days.
Thank you!
Nic Hare

16 April Evening All,

In preparation for our OPen day in May, I think it is time our pre-school could do with a bit of TLC and have a lick of paint. I propose Saturday 28th May. I would really appreciate some helpers to join me. Could you please let me know if you are free to give up a bit of your time this day to help paint. I will also start a list at the entrance to pre-school.
Thank you in advance
Nic x
15 April - Good Afternoon all,
I hope you have had a lovely 2 weeks break. We are looking forward to getting back to normal and returning to pre-school this week.
Kim and I have been in sorting out the resources and I have been ordering some new things for pre-school. We are still expecting a large delivery of items for the garden using our Tesco Grant. Fingers crossed these wont take too long!
I have been informed that the new uniform will be delivered to pre-school this week, so I will talk to you all individually about how much you owe etc.
If you hadn't made an order but would like to, let me know.
From this week, we will be adjusting how we do "Sound of the week". We have renamed it "Small group time". For the moment, we wont ask you to bring in any items from home. Sound box will remain as one activity, amongst others, which we will do with groups of children during "Small group time". Our aim in adapting this part of the day, is to ensure activities remain motivating and engaging for the children. A big focus in these small groups will be communication and language, learning about letters and sounds and also maths (numbers and shape).
Key workers will be planning for your children individually and I will be supporting them in evolving this during our staff meeting this week.
This week we are starting a small group of Forest School Sessions with 5 children. I have spoken to those involved and will ask you to sign a permission letter this week. If these sessions are successful, we will continue them and offer other children the opportunity to have a turn. 
This week you will receive you letters stating what school you little ones have been allocated. I have been organised and have already pinned down MR Ridge and made a plan. Once you have had your letters, can you let me know so I can make sure transition plans are in place for all and discussed (even if your child wont be going to All Saints).
Please come along if you can to our AGM being held in pre-school on Tuesday 24th April at 7pm. 2 committee members will be resigning, so your pre-school needs you! If you are interested in joining our committee (please!) come along and see what we are about. We can give you more information from there. With no committee there is no pre-school, we need your support.
If anyone has any spare time to spread a little love in our back garden area, please let me know. I will be selecting a date this week to have a painting party in our pre-school. Any help is greatly appreciated (Coffee/tea and lots of biscuits will be provided!)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we will see you tomorrow!
Nic x


24 MarchGood Afternoon All,
I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We have had a good week in pre-school. The children have been focusing a lot on counting. You can continue this at home and encourage the children to help set the table at meal times, counting how many forks/spoons you need for each family member.
We have been painting Easter pictures and some children made Easter biscuits on Thursday.
We have had a delivery this week of some of our outdoor resources using our Tesco Grant. Kim and I spent yesterday morning putting the out and having a bit of a  tidy up. Many more items are due so keep your eyes peeled! I have attached a couple pics for you to see.
Our sound of the week this week will be M. Don't forget something for the sound box.
Next week we will be making Easter Cards, crafts and nests!
Next to the children's pegs is hand sanitiser. Children and parents are welcome to use this. This has been put in place as an extra measure following the reoccurring illnesses. This does not replace good hand washing practices.
Don't forget the first uniform order will be sent in on Friday. Let me know this week if you would like a t-shirt or hoody for your child.
Our last day of pre-school before the Easter break will be Thursday. We will then return to pre-school on Monday 16th April.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Nic x
17 MarchSorry I am a bit later this week in my email. It has been a busy week!
This week the children have been learning about decay and observing what happens to bread, cheese, lemon and a pepper when it is not stored correctly.
Some small groups of children have been for short walks around the village, noticing and talking about the changes Spring has started to make.
We have been looking at Daffodils and drawing some. We have been planting sunflowers and learning a bit more about them. We will keep these in pre-school till they have grown a bit and then send them home!
Next week is L. All children are welcome to bring in something for the sound box.
We will continue to make notes on the board in the room on what we a planning. Our theme continues to be Spring and also Easter. So we will be making lots of craft and baking things for this in the coming week or so.
I have placed a hoody and t-shirt in the entrance to pre-school for you to look at. The t-shirts are £6.00 each and Hoodies £14. They have been embroidered beautifully by a local lady called Jennie who has a small business in Tytherleigh. Attached below is a picture for you. These are the smallest sizes they do (I can go bigger). If you would like to buy some, please let me know (either at pre-school or in an email). I have decided I will collect money once the order has been complete.
Just so you know, prices have been set by Jennie and we have not added any on and wont get any commission from them. She doesn't have a minimum order quantity either, so I aim to place an order with her by the Easter break. If you decide later on you would like to buy some, that wont be a problem.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I shall see you all next week.
Thank you
Nic x
9 March - Good Morning All,
I hope you have had a good week. We have been busy in pre-school this week learning about shapes, making cards, some children went for a walk and practicing tapping out a beat.
Next week will be: K
Don't forget to bring in an item for the sound box if your child would like to. We will be exploring other sounds alongside K.
We are exploring different ideas on how to plan affectively for your children. We are starting to use the new white board in the pre-school room and welcome you to have a look.
Next week we are looking at Spring. We will be taking small groups on walks around the village to develop communication skills are offer opportunity to talk about the natural environment and change which Spring brings.
We will be learning about growth and decay and how things change over time. We will have experiments and watch how bread/lemon and other things change. We will talk about this at registration daily.
We also will be looking at poems and alliteration.
I am in the process of getting a kids t-shirt and hoodies embroidered (they should be here next week) to show you and take orders if you would like to purchase. I will double check prices and let you know (they are reasonable prices and are very cute!). Uniform is not compulsory.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Nic x

2 March - Good Morning all!

 I hope you are having a nice few days off in the snow. Here is you weekly newsletter! (Sorry for the amount of info, I will print some off so you can have a paper copy. I will put these at the entrance to the pre-school.
 The 3 days this week which we have been in pre-school, we have been talking about our favourite books. Some children have bought books from home into share with other children. We have been doing some winter crafts and exploring snow. There are world book day tokens in you children's trays to go home.
Next week the sound of the week is "I" and "J". We have chosen 2 as "I" is very hard! We will be comparing the 2 sounds of "I" and "J" during the week.
After Easter, I am planning to change sound box. At a recent staff meeting we have been looking at how our routines of the day are working to benefit all of the children's learning. So our plan at the moment is to have sound box as an activity we do within small groups. This means that "Sound Box" time will become something like "small group time". Each staff member will work with small groups of children working on something specific for them. This may be a Letters and Sounds activity or an activity to help prepare for those going to school.
We have decided to alter how we do our planning in pre-school (also decided within out staff meeting). At the moment, we do not feel that it reflects and supports individual children as much as it should. Using Tapestry has helped us greatly in identifying how we can support individual children's learning, where their gaps are and how we can help them. This means I wont be sending you a weekly planning sheet, we will be using a white board in the pre-school throughout the week. We of course want you involved as much as possible, so we will be sharing this with you and letting you know what we are working on specifically with your children. We will continue with a theme, but it wont be quite as specific. Over the next few weeks we will be basing ideas on MOTHERS DAY, EARLY SPRING AND EASTER.
We welcome your feedback on this.
Please don't forget to check whether you are entitled to 30 hours funding. Copy and paste the following link:

You will need to set up you details, apply online and then I need your code which they give you and your NI number. I will need to verify these asap so it is in place for the Easter term. Let me know if you need any help.


We will be using a book rather than individual nappy sheets in trays to record all nappy changes. We will have this accessible to pass on relevant information daily to you...we are trying to save a bit of paper! 

Term dates have been set and are on a calendar for you to help yourself to at the entrance.
Over the Christmas closure, we had our kitchen replaced by Tytherleigh Bathrooms and Kitchens. We had to fundraise for the funds for this and they were kind enough to provide the kitchen at a reduced rate. We cannot that everyone enough. t has made such a difference to use. THANK YOU!
The Tesco grant is in the process so I will shortly be able to place an order for our outdoor equipment and resources. We will be needing helping hands when this arrives so I will keep you updated!
We are lucky enough for the school to have agreed for new heaters in our pre-school. Kindly being sourced and fitted by one of our lovely parents and qualified electrician Julian Hill (Luna electrical). We are also in the process of getting quotes for new flooring using some monies previously fundraised. We will then be having a 'decorating party' and will be in need of some volunteers please! 
Committee AGM: Tuesday 24th April @7pm. I have spoke to a few of you about joining our committee as 2 existing members are believed to be stepping down at this AGM. We thank them both for all of their support and time in helping our pre-school. If you are even slightly interested, please come along to the AGM and we can give you more information. Your Pre-school needs you!
OPen day ; Saturday 12th May 10-12pm. We will be promoting this to the public to encourage them to see our pre-school and book in! All of your support is welcome and appreciated. We may ask for some 'baked goods' nearer the time! 
Cream tea afternoon: Saturday 23rd June in the Village Hall
Sports Day: Pencilled in for 26th June (afternoon)
Summer Outing: Tuesday 3rd July  - coach will be booked in the next week or 2. Details will follow. Planning on going to the Donkey Sanctuary.
School Leavers Party - Friday 13th July
A lot of information - sorry!
Have a lovely weekend!
Nic x


27 FebruaryGood Evening All,

I hope you are all well and keeping warm. Just to a few reminders for the rest of the week:
  • Tomorrow Debbie from the Healthy Bladder and Bowel Clinic will be available to chat to you between 2 and 3pm. She said that there is no formal presentation as such, she is more there to talk about your children's individual needs and will have lots of information to support you on successful toilet training.  Therefore, any time between 2pm and 3pm is fine for you to pop in. If you need us in pre-school to watch the children for 15 mins or so, please let me know.
  • Thursday (providing the snow steers clear! It is world book day. Don't forget to dress your little ones up as favourite book characters and bring £1. Everyone will get a book token anyway.
  • Please don't forget hats, coats, gloves for you children. It is very cold and the minute but the children still like to go outside and play for short periods of time.
The weekly newsletter will follow towards the end of the week as normal.
Kind regards and stay warm!
Nic x

20 FebruaryGood Morning All,

 Just a reminder for some things going on next week (Planning is attached).
On Wednesday 28th February at 2pm, Debi from the Healthy Bladder and Bowel Clinic will be here to give more information on toilet training. EVERYONE is welcome to come along. She will also be available for 1-1 chats about individual cases and support for you. I encourage you come along.
Thursday 1st March  is world book day. Our theme for the week is sharing a story. Please sent your little ones in with their favourite book to share. We would like to invite you in to read a story to the children. Please let Nic know what day and time you would like to come in. It would be lovely to have you involved.
On Thursday, your little ones are welcome to come in DRESSED as their favourite book character. Please bring £1 which can be donated to World book day children's charity.
£1 book tokens will be handed out throughout the week.
Sound of the week: H Don't forget an item for the sound box!
Tip: When children are learning their letters, we teach the children to learn the sound rather than the letter name. This helps the children to eventually break down small words when learning to read.
Thank you and enjoy the rest of the week!
Nic x

10 February - Good Morning All,

I hope you have had a good week this week. We raised £58.50 at our Valentines Day Cake Sale. Thank you for those who donated and a big thank you to the Committee members for selling.
This week the children have been looking at the Three Little Pigs. They have been very busy gluing and sticking making houses of straw, sticks and bricks. They have been using props in their play and have enjoyed reciting the story in our Puppet Theatre. We have also made Valentines day biscuits, cards and paintings as well as practicing finding our name cards and copying letters from their own names.
On our return from half term the sound of the week will be "G". Don't forget an item for the sound box!
Is attached. We are loosely basing the week on Chinese new Year as well as practicing lots of other skills. We will be trying out chop sticks with rice and noodles! We have asked if Declan can find us some oriental music to dance to on Wednesday.
We had our committee meeting on Tuesday and thank you to those who attended. Here is a message and a date for your diary from the committee which has also been shared on our facebook page:

Wise Owls Preschool’s annual general meeting (AGM) will be on Tuesday 24th April at 7pm. We really need to see some new parents come along and join the committee as without some new volunteers for the committee the Preschool is unable to open! The children of 2 of the current committee members will be going onto school in September and they have kindly devoted some of their free time to help support the Preschool! As well as our Secretary who’s lit...tle boy has already started school! The Preschool has been lucky to have such a dedicated Committee but ITS NOW YOUR TURN!

The committee meet once every half term, of an evening for 2 hours maximum to discuss the Preschool, with regards to staffing, fundraising, policies and general support of the village Preschool. It was great to see 2 new faces at the recent committee meeting but we really need more to join! Please speak to Karina, Rebecca, Nicki, Lou or Laura if you are interested or Nic (Preschool Manager) who would be more than willing to give you some more information!

All welcome to attend the AGM! Please come along and show your support to your child’s Preschool 

30 HOURS FREE CHILDCARE (for 3+4 year olds)

It was discussed and agreed in the meeting that after Easter we will accept those in receipt of the 30 hours free childcare. Whilst we are open 30 hours per week, at the moment mornings (except Fridays) are full. But we have afternoon spaces available. You do not have to use all 30 hours but if you are entitled to them, I would encourage you to use them! For more information please look at:

You need to log in to the HMRC site and apply for your code BEFORE the end of FEBRUARY to ensure you get the code in time, the code is generated instantly I believe. I then need your code and your National insurance number to verify through Devon. It is too late to apply when we are already into the next term (after Easter), it needs to be in advance. If you want to chat through this at all, please come and see me after half term and I will do all I can to help.

We have been setting dates for events and activities for the year. I will produce a hand out for you all asap.
Just a little reminder if you can make sure lunch boxes contain fruit and/or veg. We encourage the children to eat sandwiches/wraps etc first, followed by fruit/veg then yoghurts/cheeses followed by their 'treats'. Due to potential choking risks, please can you make sure you cut cocktail sausages and grapes up for your little ones. We are obviously able to do this for you, but sometimes the children are so keen they get there before we can chop them! In the coming weeks we will plan a 'Healthy Eating Week' and give lots of ideas for lunch boxes.


Thank you for the positive feedback so far. I know some have experienced troubles logging into it, I will be checking that out in the next few days. We are finding it really good to be able to do our observations and assessments on your little ones and love seeing pictures you have uploaded from home! Sharing learning is vital so thank you!

Finally, have a wonderful half term and we look forward to seeing you all after the break. I personally would like to thank you all for your support and just being lovely in my first half term as manager of Wise Owls. I am really enjoying working with you and looking after your lovely children.

Nic x

2 FebruaryGood Afternoon All!

I hope you have had a lovely week. This week in Pre-school we have been reading Monkey Puzzle. We have been learning the names of animals babies (such as Cow-calf, Sheep-lamb, dog-puppy). The children have been learning the names and matching them together. We have been using different media and materials to make our own home for animals, we have explored aqua beads and have discussed and shared our family pictures. The children have been really excited and proud when talking about their families and keen to hear about the lives of their friends.

Next week the sound of the week is "F" don't forget something for the sound box!

Planning is attached. Our theme is "The Three Little Pigs". If anyone has any games, props or dressing up relating to the story you are welcome to bring them in.

Tuesday @ 6pm. All welcome.

Pre-school will be closed week commencing 12th February for half term.

My aim is to have this up a running fully next week. I will be spending time setting you all up with your individual PIN numbers which will be shared with you. I would like to remind you all that you have signed the agreements and that photo's uploaded to Tapestry belong to the pre-school and cannot be shared on public media. This is to protect all of our children in pre-school.

Have a lovely weekend

Nic x

January 2018

26 JanuaryGood Evening All, 

We have had a busy week this week. We have focused on the story 'What the ladybird heard'. Children have made their own maps, explored ladybirds and practiced counting their spots. They have had a farm set up in the big builders tray each day to explore. We have gone on a little walk most days to explore the natural environment and have been practicing Rhyme in Declan's music session.
Next week we are focusing on "Monkey Puzzle". Planning is attached.
We will continue to go on walks where possible. An emphasis next week is on families, please can you bring (or email me) family photo's which the children can share as a group. Thank you
Next week the sound of the week is E. Don't forget an item for the sound box. We do encourage all children to take part, we appreciate the 2 year old's find it more difficult in sitting for longer periods of time, however we are finding that all of the children are enjoying listening and taking part!
Tuesday 6th Feb @7pm - all invited.
I have finished this first half terms invoices today. They will be enveloped and placed in your children's trays next week. I have checked and triple checked so hope I have all details correct. If there are any questions, please come and see me.
Mornings in pre-school are busy, we have reached our maximum on most days. However we do have spaces in the afternoons if anyone would like to increase sessions after half term. I am also considering looking at the 30 hours funding option. I will be discussing it at the committee meeting. It would be useful to know if anyone is interested? More information can be found at:
If we were to introduce this, I will support you through the process.
Have a lovely weekend and see you next week!
Nic x

19 JanuaryGood Morning All,

We have had a busy week focusing on The Highway Rat. We have been making nuts to use when we practice counting, talking about our feelings and the feelings of other and learning about rhyming words (cat-hat, dog-log). This is new to many children so we will continue to develop on this.
Next weeks planning is attached. The Theme is "What the Ladybird heard"...yes another Julie Donaldson book! The children are really enjoying having the same story read throughout the week so it makes sense to continue this.
Our focus this week is on Understanding the World. We plan to have small groups go on walks in the village each morning to talk about the environment in which they live. To relate this to the story, we will talk about animals and insects and where they might live/what they might eat. Small groups are better so that we can have quality conversations with the children and to help the children who maybe a bit more shy at speaking out in groups.
Our sound of the week next week is "D". Don't forget to bring in an item each day for the sound box.
Permission letters are in trays, I have had many back already so thank you! Once all are returned I will give you log in and details on how to use it. The staff will be learning about how to use this at the same time, so please bear with us.
Our next committee meeting is due to be on Tuesday 6th February in the Pre-school. Parents/carers are invited to join us if you can. Equally if you are interested in becoming a committee member please let us know. We value all parent input and support in our pre-school.
I have arranged for a lady called Debbie Richards who is a Bowel and Bladder Educator within the Paediatric Bladder and Bowel Care Service in Exeter to come into pre-school on Wednesday 28th February at 2pm. She will have information and support for toilet training young children. I have met her before and am sure this will be really informative for many of you. I encourage you to come long if you can. She will be available for 1-1 discussions if you prefer to have a private chat about something specific to your child. I will send a reminder nearer the time.
If you have any questions about anything, please let me know.
Have a great weekend.
Nic x

12 JanuaryGood Morning,

This week our focus was the Gruffalo. We have particularly focus a lot on numbers and number recognition. At home you can continue this by practicing counting 1-10 with your children (more if your child is able) and practice counting objects. For example "can you get me 2 cars? can you find 9 crayons?" This will help the children start to learn and understand the value of number.
Next week our sound of the week is 'C'. Please bring in an item a day for the sound box.
Planning for next week is attached. The children have been interested in the 'Highway Rat' Story so we have used this as our theme. We are going to be particularly focusing on Feelings. In registration each day we are going to introduce a 'Feeling Board' and ask the children how they are feeling that day.
Through out the day and also at home, you can support this by talking with your children at moments of 'challenging' behaviour or if upset/happy/angry, reflect this back on their feelings, your feelings and the feeling of other. Ask questions such as "how do you think that makes them feel?" By doing this we are helping the children use speech to communicate feelings and develop their ability to relate and empathise with others.
If you can, please can you bring in a photo of your family/people who live at home with you so the children can talk about it next week and share with their friends. (it would be useful if you can write on the back who they are in relation to the children and their names).
We are going to be introducing the use of Tapestry in pre-school. Some of you maybe familiar with this, other may not. This will replace the green books we use to keep information on your child's learning and progress throughout the EYFS. It will take us a few weeks to get this ready and up to date with what we know about your children already.
Tapestry is an online system. You will be given a log in and I will support you all through this. One of the aims of introducing this is build our partnerships with parents in how we are sharing children's learning. You are able to log on and see what we your children are doing/learning and also upload photos of exciting things you do with the children at home and share positive achievements. We are very excited about this.
Next week! Those claiming funding will be asked to complete the headcount form for the Spring term. It is important all the information is correct so I will be clarifying details with you (as I'm getting to know you all, please bear with me). Invoicing for the first half of the Spring term will shortly follow.
Please remember, to not be charged, I need 4 weeks notice for holidays.
Thank you

5 January - Good Morning,

What a fab first week back we have had. We have welcomed a few new faces to pre-school so welcome! I have been getting to know the children and I am really enjoying being part of pre-school!
  • Please can you make sure bottles and lunch boxes are clearly labelled with your child's name.
  • Make sure appropriate clothing is packed for the time of year. The children have had a brilliant time enjoying our garden this week but it has been muddy! We have spare wellies, but children often prefer to wear their own. If you could pop a pair in a carrier bag on your child's peg (labelled) that would be great.
  • Please check your child's trays daily. I have put a slip in this week for everyone to update contact details for me.
Next week we will be looking at the sound B. As always, please bring in 1 item from home for your children to pop in the sound box (kept on top of the fridge). Please take these home daily. You are welcome to bring another on the next session your child is due in.
Next Week our theme is The Gruffalo. I have attached the planning for you to read. I will also display the planning on the white board at the entrance (peg area). We welcome you to take a look. We will be talking to you each day about what your children have been learning and enjoyed taking part in.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.
Nic x

2 January - Hi Everyone,

I would like to wish you all a happy new year! Today we returned to pre-school and I have met a few more children and parents. I just wanted to say 'Hi' and I look forward to meeting everyone in the next few weeks!
We are continuing to follow sound of the week, this week we are looking at A.We ask all children (where possible) to bring in one item from home for the Sound box so that we can talk about it and share it in the group.
This week I haven't planned specifically for the children as we are having a "settling back in week" following the Christmas break. This will start next week and I shall share it with you weekly.  As I am new to the setting, I hope you will all bear with me as I get used to pre-school and get to learn all about your lovely children!
Things may change in pre-school gradually as I strive to get more parents involved in children's learning and continue to improve our practice in pre-school. I value everyone's input-ideas and suggestions as things get introduced. 
If you ever have any questions or concerns about sessions, fee's funding or anything at all, I am here to help. Please come and see me directly or send me an email.
Finally I am wanting to check all parents/carers are receiving the up to date information from me and that I can contact you, so I will pop a slip in every child's tray for you to fil out for me. This is greatly appreciated.
Thank you and I look forward to meeting all of you.
Best Wishes
Nic x