We operate from 9.00am to 3.00pm daily Monday to Friday during term time.

Your child may start pre-school at the age of 2.  A charge of £4.50 per hour for 2 year olds is made.  We accept children in receipt of the Two Year Old funding.

The charge is reduced to £4.00 per hour for 3 year olds with funding available the term after their 3rd birthday.  Your child is then entitled to 15 hours Early Years Entitlement and any hours over that are charged as indicated.  We accept those who are in receipt of the Extended 30 hours entitlement. Please speak to the manager for more details

Links with the Community

There is a partnership between All Saints Primary School and the pre-school.  We have regular meetings to exchange information and ideas.  We often take a walk in the village to enjoy nature or to visit the school.  Children are taught road safety procedures and are strongly encouraged to wear reflective clothing.

Helping for the Day!

We enjoy and encourage the link between parent and pre-school.  We welcome parent's help during pre-school sessions at any time.  Most parents find this very rewarding allowing them to see their child within a different surrounding and to see how they are progressing.  There is a parent helper policy which explains the role in more detail.


Although not compulsory, we do have blue sweatshirts and t-shirts with our logo on it.  Things can get quite messy so we discourage children from wearing their best clothes!  Both are available from the pre-school.  It is handy to keep a pair of wellies at the school but we do have lots of spares.  All clothes must be clearly named.


Lunchboxes are kept cool in our fridge.  We encourage the children to eat the most nutritious parts of their packed lunch first.  We have a healthy eating policy that we hope parents will adhere to.  We recognise that some of our children may have special dietary needs and we are careful that these are observed.


Pre-school outings are taken whenever possible.  They are a wonderful way for children to explore the big, wide world and experience new things.  We go to places such as The Donkey Sanctuary, seaside, farms, and fire stations, etc. 


Click here for a provisional list of our upcoming events over the next academic year.